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  The domestic top ten activated carbon production enterprisesSichuan Long bond water purification materials co., LTD(Another name:Sichuan Long state activated carbon manufacturers)Is a national fixed-point production of activated carbonThe filterMaterials of professional manufacturers。The main products have:Coconut shell activated carbonNut shell activated carbonCoal activated carbonWooden activated carbonHoneycomb activated carbonNet gas such as water purification activated carbon filter material。
  The factory production of a variety ofActivated carbonProducts are widely used in domestic electric power、Metallurgy、Iron and steel、Tap water company、Printing and dyeing、The oil、Electrons、Medicine、Food、In the field of chemical industry and urban water supply and drainage and other water treatment,All kinds ofCoconut shell activated carbon、Wooden decolorizing activated carbon、Activated carbon for food、Chemical industry wastewater treatment activated carbonSuch as activated carbon products are exported to Japan、The United States、Singapore and other countries,At home and abroad by the user's consistent high praise!  
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