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Earthly fireworks are handed down from generation to generation,Extensive and profound Chinese delicacies,Enjoy a happy life,Into delicious kitchen。 Meng food,Selection of health food,Focus on the food cooking,Ingredients,Delicious。Regardless of the starch that occupy the home,Or restaurant banquet is, of course。Standardization of ingredients,To reduce the cost of materials,Make your kitchen more delicious,Fried stew,Out of the box,The family or restaurant chefs from the tedious work,To the enjoyment of all new and experience,Also saved the cost for the development of catering industry,Provide motivation。Companies can also according to customer's different tastes and requirements to develop new products,Meet the market requirements。Good faith for this,Tongda,Business culture spread,Carry forward the Chinese cuisine。Meng ji foods in the Internet age trial and error,Use online services to provide customers with a good experience,And more convenient services。Earthly fireworks,Meng ingredients,All Shared,Good health!

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Jinzhong city meng ji food co., LTD. Was established2004Years,It happened(Meng teacher)(All happy)Brand is a set research and development of meat、Production、Sales、Logistics as one of professional meat processing enterprise。The company all products through the countryQSCertification,And was awarded、《Quality and safety of fidelity good faith demonstration unit》Such as the honorary title。All the staff to jinzhong city meng ji food co., LTD“For customers to create more economic value,Has become the industry well-known brands。Now has improved、Mature management、Production、Marketing team,With the strict product quality control and professional service,And efficient logistics distribution system,Products are sold throughout the country,Favored by the majority of the user's trust and affirmation。


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