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Address:Fujian quanzhou nanan shuitou town posterior chamber village district1Zhou Wei stone

Contact phone number:15960440333

The mailbox:qzzhouweishiye@126.com

Contacts:Mr. Lin

Fujian quanzhou Zhou Wei stone co., LTD(简称:Zhou Weishi industry,Zhouwei Stone),Was established2012Years9Month20Day,The registered capital8088Ten thousand yuan,Is a collection of mines open distance,Production and processing、Design、Sales、Engineering construction as one of the large-scale stone material enterprise。With more than one Zhou Weishi industry's well-known brands,Including:Mary、Jade dimension、mangalm、ujjwal、Fujian sheng、Zhou Wei, etc。

     Zhou Weishi owner brand:Mary,For Zhou Weishi industry brands,Has been used8Years,The trademark has obtained the approval of the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office registered,Registration number for18465293。Zhou Weishi wood Mary series stone industry,One of granite stone species as raw material,The compact structure of raw stone material characteristics、Hard、Resistance to acid and alkali、Good weather resistance,Can be in indoor and outdoor use for a long time。The advantages include high load-bearing characteristics,Grinding compressive capacity and good ductility,It is easy to cut,Shape,Can create a big plate plate, etc, Can be made into a variety of surface effect,Polishing、Inferior smooth、Fine grinding、The fire、Water knife handle and sandblasting, etc。Zhou Weishi industry“Mary”Series,Include can be used to the ground、The steps、Base、Step、The eaves of the place such as different products,Many used for indoor metope,The ground,The adornment of the cylinder, etc。

“The fine quality、Reasonable price、Rich variety、Good prestige”Is the foundation of company survival and development for a long time。Over the years,Zhou Weishi industry has been adhering to the user needs as the core,At the same time of focus on the local market development,Provide considerate service for both at home and abroad customers,Many enterprises won the trust and praise,Has been in the stone industry set up a good brand image。In sales growth160%,Wood Mary series of products has become a similar stone market of its own brand in China。