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Weifang huizhong electrical and mechanical equipment co., LTDIs a professional engaged in precision hot air drying equipment business r&d、Production、The sale in a body specialized company;The products include:Dry air knife conveyer、Hot air circulating tunnel furnace、Precision hot oven、Hot air machine、Industrial hot air blower、Loop heat fan、High pressure hot air blower、Heat fan、Hot air gun、The air heater、Electric blower、The heater,Air knife、、Xiao feng dao、Water knife、Ion wind knife、Ring type air knife、Hot air knife、Circulating hot air knife;High pressure fan、Eddy current fan,Temperature resistant fan、Temperature control box、Air filter、Heat-resistant hose, etc。Main service in the electronics industry、Beverage industry、The food industry、The coating industry、Iron and steel industry、The pharmaceutical industry、Tire and rubber industry、Wire and cable industry、The pipe、Textile industry、The printing industry、The automotive industry、The plastics industry、Cleaning machinery、The rubber industry and other industries。

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