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Zhongtai industrial co., LTD., first aid training
In order to better service to all the company staff,Fully ensure their physical and mental health and life safety,Response to the national policy called for further。The company for this purpose2017Years11Month once again organized responders training workshop management personnel。Through this training,To further improve the employee's first aid skills and safety consciousness。This training besides again complement relevant theoretical knowledge,Also learned the following key content: 1、Heart, lung and brain recovery:Namely on respiration and circulation cardiac arrest emergency measures taken,Replace the patient's spontaneous breathing by artificial respiration,To form a temporary artificial heart compressions circulation and induce heart since
Hosting company“Lean production”Training
2017Years11Month28Day,Companies in the sixth floor training room held office first“Lean production”Training。The training of ikea company engineers as a keynote speaker。Company vice President、Department manager、In charge of、Workshop director、Planner、A total of buyer, etc30People took part in the training。  It is understood,“Lean production”The core is to eliminate all invalid labor and waste。It determine the goal in perfection,Through continuously reduce the cost、Improve quality、Enhance production flexibility、Means such as scrap and zero inventory is realized to ensure enterprise in the market competition advantage,At the same time,Lean manufacturing delegating responsibility to groups

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